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Whether you're looking for a clubbing holiday, a relaxed beach break, a family getaway or want to work in Ayia Napa, ​we have ​all you need to know!​
Ayia Napa is a big resort with loads going on day and night throughout the summer.  As well as the amazing beaches and lively nightlife, there are shops with everything from souvenirs and beach wear to jewellery and designer label fashion. 

You can bungee jump, ride the slingshot, ride a bucking bronco or scuba dive. You can go to a beach party, a pool party, a foam party, on a boat trip or a bar crawl. There are hairdressers, tattooists’, beauticians and gyms, as well as dance classes and fitness instructors. 

Ayia Napa  has a 14th century monastery, a museum and several churches. There are sea caves, a national forest park area and bicycle paths. Experience the outdoor Sculpture park, cactus park and numerous pieces of street art. Regular festivals and events showcasing traditional music and dances are held throughout the year. 
Ayia Napa has a police station, a radio station and a primary school. As with any town you will also find florists, mechanics, bakeries, computer shops, camera shops, dentists, doctors, betting shops, estate agents, travel agents, insurance companies and many other businesses.​

Read our About Ayia Napa page for more information on Ayia Napa and Cyprus.  You can use the drop down menu's at the top of the site to find information on hotels in Ayia Napanightlifethings to do in Ayia Napaplaces to eat, ​and lots of other stuff. If you're not sure which section you should be looking in, or can't find what you're looking for the try our site map which should help you, or get in touch with us. ​

About Ayia Napa

Ayia Napa is much bigger than many other holiday resorts and is quite spread out. Starting from the west as you approach Ayia Napa you first come to Ayia Thekla which is a huge development of villas, a mix of residential and holiday lettings. Ayia Thekla has it's own beach as well as lots of smaller secluded spots of sand along the seafront. Next is Makronissos which is where you'll find Waterworld Waterpark,
Makronissos Beach club and several good standard hotels and apartments. This area is becoming more upmarket and in future years the swanky Ayia Napa Marina will be located between here and Ayia Thekla. Makronissos has 3 gorgeous beaches and just next door is equally lovely Landa Beach.

Nissi Beach with its twin bays is the most popular beach in the town and is where most people head to during the day. It is mainly higher standard hotels in this area and it is also a top destination for couples getting married abroad. As we head long Nissi Avenue we next come to Sandy Bay which is a lovely sheltered cove. The whole area from Makronissos to Sandy Bay is often now called Nissi Bay and is almost a mini resort in itself with a selection of family friendly bars and restaurants away from the bustle of the town so families often choose this area for holidays

​A couple of kilometres east along Nissi Avenue, past some shops and restaurants, we come to the town centre. This is where the majority of the bars and all the 
clubs are located. It's also where you'll find most of the shopsthe harbour and lots of things to do. Most of the accommodation in the town centre is self catering accommodation and a lot of it is fairly basic as it serves the needs of the clubbing crowd. 

​​Heading from the harbour eastwards but still within walking distance of the town centre is Grecian Bay, a long sweep of sand with several high standard hotels, a selection of restaurants and a more upmarket feel to it.  As we head out of town to the east we reach the stunning sea caves, popular for cliff diving and then on to Cape Greco, which is a national forest park. Here you will also find the gorgeous pine fringed beach of Konnos BayCape Greco is popular with hikers, walkers, cyclists and nature enthusiasts. It's also a popular spot for diving and fishing and is the best place to watch the sunrise. A few miles further on you reach the neighbouring holiday resort of Protaras. 

The Summer in Ayia Napa

Ayia Napa has a different personality for each month of the year. In January most tourist venues are closed, it's often a little cloudy and pretty quiet. February you see business owners bustling to make preparations for the summer season and in March a few places start to open up and it also starts to warm up.

April is the start of the tourist season and also when the first of the workers usually arrive and this carries on through into May with lots of opening parties. From January to May, nationalities and age groups are very mixed, people from all over Europe, Russia, and the middle east and everyone from families to the very elderly all have a good time together. ​

​Through June and July the average age drops dramatically and this is a very popular time for British visitors and hardcore clubbers. Big events and celebrity appearances happen a lot during these months. August is still very busy but more families arrive and a wider range of nationalities come to Ayia Napa in this month. It is also when most Cypriots have their holidays and head to the coastal resorts. 

​In September, the pace slows a little and it's a lovely chilled out month. The heat loses it's ferocity a little as temperatures drop back to around 30 degrees. The age groups start to creep up a little again as Ayia Napa gets a little calmer and heading into late September and October some bars and clubs will close for the season. 

By late October virtually all of Ayia Napa is closed with just a few venues entertaining the small amount of tourists who arrive at this time of year. From November onwards older people from northern Europe start to arrive for their long winter holidays and enjoy the mild winter weather. A handful of bars stay open mostly at weekends during the winter months with several clubs opening just for the Christmas season. ​


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